Salt and Pepper Mill
The grinding mechanism of offered Salt Pepper Mills ensures correct work as well as problem free service years after years. It is non corrosive as well as rust free and enables people to get pleasure from a tasty salad or steak.
Offered Coffee Mills we offer are the products, which give the grounded coffee by friction and make particles of a uniform size determined by the division between the grinding surfaces.
Canisters, crafted from durable acrylic, belong to the storage bottles and jars category. Available in sizes S, M, and L, they come in various colors. Known for their versatility, canisters efficiently organize and store items. Their transparent nature allows easy identification, while the robust acrylic material ensures durability, offering numerous advantages and benefits.
Oil And Vinegar
The Oil and Vinegar range of ours insures that our hands are not greasy every time and dont make a spill over the kitchen counter. These can eradicate the hassle out dressing salads and proffer a distinct flavor to all the meals.
Tabletops, crafted from resilient acrylic, come in sizes S, M, and L with a spectrum of colors, types, and varied designs. Offering versatility and aesthetic appeal, they serve as functional surfaces for diverse uses. With easy maintenance and durability, acrylic tabletops present advantages and benefits, enhancing both style and practicality.
Plate Series
The Plate Series, available in plastic or ceramic, showcases a matt surface finish and multicolored options. Designed for both salad and dinner, these plates boast versatility and aesthetic appeal. Their features include easy maintenance, durability, and a stylish appearance. The series offers advantages like diverse use cases and benefits in enhancing dining aesthetics.

Drawer Organizers
The Desk Drawer Organizer, made of acrylic plastic, measures 360 x 267 x 55 mm, presenting a transparent design. Its features include efficient compartmentalization, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. Ideal for organizing office supplies, it enhances productivity. With transparency for easy item identification, this organizer offers advantages in both functionality and aesthetics, providing a tidy and ordered workspace.
Basket and Rack
The Basket and Rack, constructed from robust steel in a sleek black color, offer versatile storage solutions. Designed for durability, these metal organizers efficiently hold various items. Their features include strength and stability, ensuring long-lasting use. With advantages in both functionality and aesthetics, these storage units provide organized and stylish spaces.

Drink Dispenser
Available in various sizes, the Drink Dispenser, made of mild steel or plastic, boasts transparent & blue or transparent & golden color options. Its features include versatility and durability, making it suitable for diverse beverages. With advantages in style and functionality, this dispenser enhances the serving experience, offering both convenience and aesthetics.
Trash Can
Available in different sizes, the Trash Can, made of stainless steel, serves as a durable and stylish waste disposal solution. With a sleek silver finish, it complements any space. Its features include a functional design, easy maintenance, and a hygienic solution. Advantages include effective waste containment, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
The round Dustbin, a stainless steel Trash Can with a glossy silver finish, blends functionality with style. Designed for easy waste disposal, it enhances spaces with its sleek appearance. Features include a practical design and easy maintenance. With advantages in durability and aesthetics, this dustbin offers both utility and a polished look.
Snacks And Spice Server
Snacks Spice Servers we offer have versatile usages for all over your homes. At your next meeting, these will serve as the best snack servers be it on a home bar or a party buffet.